3 Things that Must Be Present for Change to Take Place

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Change may be ever-present in our lives, but effective change -- change that makes us better and happier -- requires certain elements to be in place. Without them, change is simply an interruption and an inconvenience. Make change work for you by making sure you’ve got all three elements in place. 1)      Dissatisfaction.  This might [...]

Help Your Clients Get Motivated to Change

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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." -- Walt Disney As a coach, you may find your clients say they want to be motivated, but they lack any indication that they actually are. Not everyone is easily motivated. Figuring out how to help motivate your clients can be tricky, so [...]

Understanding the Difference Between Judgement and Preference

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“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” This was said by the pioneering psychologist Carl Jung and it points to a profound question that each of us would benefit from asking: what is the difference between judgement and preference? A preference is something you like, something that pleases you.  Some [...]

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How Judgements and Comparisons Get in the Way

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All too often, poor communication skills get us into trouble. We learn our communication skills from a young age and only some of what we learn is effective. In this post we’ll explore how to get judgements and comparisons out of your way when making imperative decisions -- and how to reprogram yourself to respond [...]

How to use hypnotic principles to improve your teaching

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All of us who are in the business of delivering knowledge and skills know that by being able to motivate and inspire we can generate a climate where open minds are the norm. Once this is achieved the process of imparting information and building new skills and abilities becomes easier and more fun for all. [...]

The three traps that get in your way

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Why is it that sometimes you don't get what you want? Most of us know what we want or at least have a good idea. So what goes wrong then? Why is it that sometimes we just don't get there? Every day as thoughts pass through our minds we have the opportunity to programme ourselves [...]

Motivation secrets

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The Art of Being A Brilliant Communicator In the fifth part of our article, we are entering the realm of motivation, this is a huge area. Understanding just a little about motivation can bring rewards, both for your own self motivation and also for helping others connect to the situations and contexts that will power [...]

The Power Of Words

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The Art of Being A Brilliant Communicator In the fourth part of our article we examine the power of words. We acquired our native language unconsciously and we were able to speak way before many of our other skills developed. As such, we take it for granted and our words just seem to arrive at [...]

A new way to read body language

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The Art of Being A Brilliant Communicator In the third part of our article, we examine the art of Sensory Acuity. This is the ability to read the unconscious micro-signals that we all give off whenever we communicate. With a little practice we can easily become adept at reading people and noticing the signs of [...]

The Five Mistakes Report

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