Vision, Mission and Values

Evolution Training was founded by Roger and Emily Terry, both of whom are experienced Master NLP trainers, authors, and coaches.


Our vision is to guide and many people as we can to become free-thinking, independent, autonomous human beings in control of their mind, body, and spirit.


Lead by example and provide outstanding personal evolution and development opportunities through training, coaching, and unique personal breakthrough events.


We are dedicated to helping our clients free themselves from the behavioural, mental and emotional bonds that hold them back from achieving their dreams.

Self awareness of patterns and perceptions leads to independence of thought and action. We do all in our power to provide the space and methods for our clients to increase this awareness. This is the first step to becoming awake and autonomous.

Spirit is the unique part of us that expresses our energy and individuality to the world. Our focus is to support and encourage our clients to be who they are and know their own self worth and express their spirit in the world.

We aim to be trusted friends and guides, who listen and walk alongside our clients in their journey through life.

Roger and Emily Terry