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Hypnosis is as easy as breathing Right, Hypnosis is a skill that is easily learnt. Many people think it is a complex, difficult process and somewhat magical. Like many others, you might think that only special folk can become good hypnotists. Very few people realise just how simple it is – with the right format, you can create and deliver powerful hypnotic experiences such as changes in both beliefs and negative habits.

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The Hypnotic Intervention

Over 20 years of teaching hypnosis has allowed me to develop an easy to follow six-step hypnotic intervention process which makes hypnosis very easy. So whether you start with absolutely no experience or knowledge and qualifications you will find this a great way to help others to change. You can also embed your other techniques inside this process easily.

On day three, having mastered these steps, you will be ready to learn how to facilitate the many hypnotic regression processes that help make deep and lasting change. You will use: In-life regression, Automatic writing regression, Clinical Past-life regression, and Rainbow regression methods.

You will learn

  • The hypnotic intervention process
  • The Evolution Formula for formidable Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Regression hypnosis for this life and past lives
  • To use the language of hypnotic suggestion
  • The fundamentals of Ericksonian hypnosis
  • Stages and patterns of indirect suggestion
  • To use body signals to speak to the unconscious mind

You will also receive an indispensable workbook which includes our easy to use format and glossary of hypnotic language patterns so you can easily create your own hypnotic scripts and inductions.

 “The most relaxing weekend I have ever spent with lots of practice. I feel confident with the hypnotic techniques taught by Roger” Rachel Brown, Therapist

£420 inc vat Availability for: 

25 – 27 October