About Emily Terry

Emily Terry is Managing Director of Evolution Training and an international NLP Trainer, consultant, and freedom coach. She specialises in helping people grow beyond their current limitations. Using a unique mix of NLP and her own interpretation of ancient healing arts Emily guides her clients through their transformational journey. Working especially around women’s development she aims to set her clients free from the bonds that hold them back in life. Over the last 3 years Emily has devoted herself to designing a ground-breaking weight loss and control programme, New Silhouette, which does away with yo yo dieting and resets the body’s food to energy conversion system so that once the weight is lost, it doesn’t come back.

After spending 17 years in the Utility Sector managing teams and delivering complex and detailed projects, Emily founded Evolution Training with her partner, Roger. She is a member of the Association of NLP Panel which accredits trainers and organisations, and sits on the NLP in Education Trust. In addition, Emily has run a women’s self development group for many years.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys playing drums, art, karate, and studying human spiritual systems.