You know the tremendous value of NLP in your life – now is the time to move up to Mastery!

This programme follows the NLP Practitioner Programme. The Master Practitioner Certificate Programme is not just about learning more NLP techniques. It’s about becoming a master in the Art of Transformation.

In this 5 module certification programme you will…

  • Find ways to bring your life’s dreams into reality
  • Boost your personal success at work, at home and in your important relationships
  • Surf through pressure from the still point in the centre of the storm

Of course you will learn how to truly use the art of NLP…

  • Take the negativity in your world and that of your clients and customers and create transformations that will produce FABULOUS results.
  • Seamlessly adapt your language, behaviours and techniques to suit any context or environment.
  • Learn and use advanced patterns of NLP.
  • Become “unconsciously competent” with your skill sets.
  • Achieve change for yourself and others with elegance.

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NLP Master Practitioner 19 days over 5 Modules

2019 Dates
18 – 21 January
1 – 4 March
29 March – 1 April
3 – 6 May
21 -23 June

Investment  £2640 inc vat


The Masters Course

Module 1 (four days):

  • In depth sessions on time codes to understand the way we process, store and retrieve events
  • Learning how to create new neurological patterns and bring about change at a deep level
  • Understanding the relationship between your values and beliefs and life purpose
  • Eliciting, changing and reintegrating new value and belief configurations in your neurology
  • Bringing about Core Transformation

Module 2 (four days):

  • Bringing together the NLP advanced language patterns
  • Developing a range of re framing techniques which include Sleight of Mouth patterns
  • Exploring the use of temporal language patterns
  • Learning the ’meaningful existence’ model
  • Learning methods for defining and aligning outcomes to a specific purpose

Module 3 (four days):

  • Learning to change deep core beliefs; work with advanced emotional management techniques
  • Comprehensive investigation of  NLP metaprograms
  • Strategies for applying understanding to business, coaching and educational problems
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of modelling with a Master Trainer
  • Learning the steps for modelling excellence; complete a modelling project of your own

Module 4 (four days):

  • Discovering authoritarian and Ericksonian hypnotic induction patterns
  • Working with ‘parts’ at advanced level – creating parts and installing strategies
  • Participating  in NLP presentation techniques workshop

Module 5 (three days):

  • Developing your own unique approach to using NLP through exercises in integration
  • Presenting your modelling project to the group