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Evolution Training was founded by Roger and Emily Terry, both of whom are experienced Master NLP trainers, authors and coaches. They have trained thousands of people since 1997 both in the corporate environment and through Evolution's open courses. The organisations they have worked with include the defence industry a wide range of scientific/technical companies, the NHS, manufacturing firms, teachers and academics.

Evolution is an agile company with a network of associates based around the UK, providing a range of expertise which enables the delivery of high quality focused training and development which is designed to leave participants with skills that can be used immediately.

We are experts in human interactions and helping companies and individuals achieve their goals. Our trainers are specialists in their fields, who have highly developed communication and business skills, which give them a unique perspective on how to train our 'How to' strategies. The ability to communicate with excellence has a profound effect on raising an individual's level of performance in all areas of life. Our aim is to provide practical techniques and strategies that can be applied immediately.

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What is NLP? An explanation

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a set of psychological techniques that let you communicate with a very powerful source: your subconscious. Viewing your brain as a computer, NLP is a system upgrade that multiplies your processing power.

With NLP, you'll be able to increase your communication, negotiation and persuasion skills-both with others and with yourself. This reprogramming of your mind allows you to improve in leaps and bounds, giving you a whole new perspective on life as you succeed in areas where you've failed time and time again.

The real significance of Neuro-linguistic programming is not the ability to persuade (or manipulate) other people, NLP is far more beneficial because you can use it on yourself to change the way you think, perceive and approach the world. And in many cases, you'll find that the only thing holding you back from your goals is you.

Truthfully, what and how you think are the main driving forces that determine the direction of your life. The problem is that much of the time, your subconscious is the one at the wheel. Everyone has certain beliefs, motivations, goals and desires that are deeply rooted in the subconscious and therefore inaccessible through ordinary channels.

That's why NLP is so effective. These techniques allow you to communicate directly with your subconscious, so you can pinpoint and overcome the programmed beliefs that are keeping you from your goals. In fact, NLP is an instruction manual for your brain.

NLP Applications

So, just what are people using Neuro-linguistic programming for today? The techniques and strategies of NLP are taught and applied in many different situations, including:
  • Therapy and relationship counselling
  • Interpersonal communications
  • Persuasion strategies
  • Business communication
  • Management training
  • Sales methods
  • Sports training
  • Interpersonal influence
  • Coaching and team building
  • Public speaking
  • Negotiation skills
Some applications rely solely on NLP methodology, while others incorporate some techniques of NLP into existing training or improvement programs to strengthen their effectiveness.

In any case, people of all kinds, in all types of businesses and from all walks of life, use neuro-linguistic programming. You may have even employed some of these strategies yourself, without knowing what they are, since the techniques have been folded into so many different training and selfimprovement programs.

NLP training solutions

The best way to use neuro-linguistic programming effectively in your life is to undergo training with skilled NLP Master Trainers. At Evolution Training, we offer dozens of training programs and certifications for individuals and businesses on a variety of levels, from basic training to master and NLP coaching certification.

You can learn more about our NLP training programs and how they'll benefit you or your organisation by requesting a FREE NLP consultation. Roger or Emily will guide you in the use of NLP techniques to achieve unprecedented success in every area of your life.