Wednesday Webinars are Back

Our monthly zoom sessions are held on the last  Wednesday of the month. We will be covering a wide range of topics from the field of NLP and personal development focusing on applications.

Applying NLP to some of life’s knotty problems

If you are new to NLP and personal development then these sessions are a great introduction to the practical applications of the field. For those who have some experience then it is a great chance to review learnings and of course, there is always something else to learn or insights to be gained.

Join us for an hour & half of fun, ideas and discussion on our zoom webinars for £12 and see how knowing a little NLP and other personal development models can create the shifts that will change life for the better.

Human Design Webinar postponed new date coming soon

May webinar – Human Design

31st May  7 -8:30pm BST price £12

This month’s webinar takes us deeper into the area of personal development and our own exploration of self. There are many ways to approach this journey and I have found Human Design invaluable for coaching some of my clients. It can provide insights and strategies that are not found in other systems.

The Human Design system combines ancient and modern beliefs and draws on traditions like the I-Ching, the kabbalah, the chakra system, and astrology to help you understand what makes you unique.

Human Design is a tool that can help you understand how your body and mind are meant to run effectively, and how to align with others who can support your process. The reward that comes from living out your authentic nature is worth the time spent learning about your Design and how your energy system runs best.

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Evolution Training was founded by Roger and Emily Terry, both of whom are experienced Master NLP trainers, authors and coaches. They have trained thousands of people since 1997 both in the corporate environment and through Evolution”s open courses. The organisations they have worked with include the defence industry a wide range of scientific/technical companies, the NHS, manufacturing firms, teachers and academics. 

Evolution is an agile company with a network of associates based around the UK, providing a range of expertise which enables the delivery of high quality focused training and development which is designed to leave participants with skills that can be used immediately. 

We are experts in human interactions and helping companies and individuals achieve their goals. Our trainers are specialists in their fields, who have highly developed communication and business skills, which give them a unique perspective on how to train our ”How to” strategies. The ability to communicate with excellence has a profound effect on raising an individual”s level of performance in all areas of life. Our aim is to provide practical techniques and strategies that can be applied immediately.


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a set of psychological techniques that let you communicate with a very powerful source: your subconscious. Viewing your brain as a computer, NLP is a system upgrade that multiplies your processing power. 


With NLP, you”ll be able to increase your communication, negotiation and persuasion skills-both with others and with yourself. This reprogramming of your mind allows you to improve in leaps and bounds, giving you a whole new perspective on life as you succeed in areas where you”ve failed time and time again. 


So, just what are people using Neuro-linguistic programming for today? The techniques and strategies of NLP are taught and applied in many different situations, including those to the right.

Some applications rely solely on NLP methodology, while others incorporate some techniques of NLP into existing training or improvement programs to strengthen their effectiveness.

In any case, people of all kinds, in all types of businesses and from all walks of life, use neuro-linguistic programming. You may have even employed some of these strategies yourself, without knowing what they are, since the techniques have been folded into so many different training and self improvement programs.

  • Relationship counselling
  • Interpersonal communications
  • Persuasion strategies
  • Business communication
  • Management training
  • Sales methods
  • Sports training
  • Interpersonal influence
  • Coaching and team building
  • Public speaking
  • Negotiation skills
My life has changed for the better ever since I started my NLP training with Evolution. Give them a go!
Lily James
My business has changed for the better ever since I put my staff through training courses designed by Evolution Training. I cannot recommend them more highly
Jack Thompson

Any Questions? Get in Contact!

We love to talk, so call or email.  We are always happy to answer any questions you have no matter how simple.

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