The Highest Performing People in the World Have Coaches.

Shouldn’t You?

One of the fastest and best ways to maximise your potential in any area of your personal or professional life is by working with an experienced coach who can ask you the right questions to guide you, teaching you valuable new skills so that you produce powerful results.

Roger and Emily are both Master NLP trainers and coaches. For over 20 years they’ve been helping people move past life difficult stages and find their true potential. Although NLP is a core discipline, Emily and Roger have dedicated themselves to learning many modern disciplines in the field. Adding to this a deep interest in studying integrating ancient knowledge of human frailties and capacities into their lives and work gives them an exceptional insight into the human condition.

Coaching with Roger or Emily is a unique experience because of what they can bring to bear in order to assist clients to change themselves and their lives in ways that bring greater awareness and free clients to be authentic in their life and work

At Evolution Training we know how to help you get the outcomes you desire.

  • Do you need help to get moving towards your dreams?
  • Are you stuck in a behaviour pattern that isn’t getting you the results you want?
  • Do you simply lack the confidence to embrace the life you want?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Evolution coaching is for you. We will use NLP skills plus other disciplines we have learned from over 20 years of experience helping people align with their life purpose reach the breakthroughs desired in life.

To have a free half hour coaching session with Roger or Emily to explore the possibilities then use the link below.

Alternatively are you ready now just to get moving with coaching then

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Emily Terry