Stream 7: Occupational

For many people, a successful career is a crucial ingredient to a happy, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us are unhappy at work—whether that is due to our co-workers, our supervisors, an unsatisfactory salary or the inability to move ahead in a career. Neuro-linguistic programming gives you the tools and the skills you need to improve both your performance at work and your interactions with others that are critical to your career success. Whether you’re looking to move into a leadership position or you’re already in charge and want the ability to motivate and lead your team to success, NLP techniques will assist you in achieving your desired career goals.

The first improvement you’ll make, which is one that affects not only your career but also all of the interactions in your life, is understanding how your wording choices affect your own motivations and those of the people around you. You’ll discover how simple words like IF, BUT and TRY hold hidden meaning and serve to confuse and blur communication-and how you can scrub the negative use of these words from your communication vocabulary.

You’ll also learn about the 6 key attention filters and how to hear the hidden clues that tell you what a person is thinking about. By understanding these filters, you’ll be able to employ subtle motivation and achieve the outcomes you want. These techniques help you find out:

  • Why people move toward some ideas or aspects and away from others
  • Whether their focus is directed toward themselves or others
  • If they work most effectively with detailed procedures or need
  • flexible options to produce at their best
  • How much feedback they require to execute tasks competently and confidently
  • Whether they are motivated by power, affiliation or achievement
  • Which sense(s) they use primarily to make decisions

For leaders, the art of creating group rapport and cohesion in teams or during projects, training or meetings can mean the difference between success and failure. NLP gives you simple rules that you can follow to ensure success.

These techniques help you find the right answers to questions like, “How can I get everyone doing the same thing at the same time?” and “How can I motivate the entire team to produce their best efforts simultaneously?

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Roger Terry

Director of Training and Coaching at Evolution Training Ltd
Roger Terry is one of the world’s leading experts on applying NLP to drive excellence both professionally and personally. Roger leads seminars and consults with companies all over the world, including in the UK, USA, Europe and Middle East. He is the author of several books, including The Hidden Art of Interviewing, NLP and Qualitative Research, NLP for Teachers and The NLP Toolkit.