LifeStream 6: Spiritual

In a story which some of our NLP students have heard, G. Bluestone tells of an ancient carp that lives in ‘Mirror Lake’, and when questioned about life in the lake by his grandchildren he says:

‘True knowledge is to know the wholeness of the lake rather than the merely the things and creatures which exist within it. And yet it is to know that this great lake of ours is merely a limited existence, for the borders of the lake are just the borders of the known. Always remember that neither the lake itself nor we who inhabit it could exist without the great unknown which lies beyond’

In some way this describes our awareness of that great unknown that almost everyone experiences at some time. We either swim back down in the muddy waters and immerse ourselves in our day to day existence, or put our heads up and ask what else is possible…

From ancient times humans have acknowledged written, drawn, or spoken about aspects of this awareness. The fact is, we are all spiritual beings (whether we part of a mainstream religion or not) and our spiritual side needs as much nurturing as the other aspects of ourselves. Spirituality is an ingrained trait and it manifests differently in everyone. The key to a healthy spirit is uncovering your own personal requirements for a balanced spirit, so you can ultimately achieve peace of mind.

Overall, a firm grasp on this aspect allows you to discover who you are, what you’re seeking, and what your mission is in this life. Neuro-linguistic programming will help you develop a strong purpose and direction, so you can stop expending your energy on meaningless wandering. Your spirit is closely tied to your physical being. When you’re stressed and full of tension, your spirit suffers.

You can use NLP techniques to relax and de-stress your body, allowing your mind to achieve clarity of thought. The mindfulness this brings can be a solid strength in our busy stress filled lives, our health, relationships and work can all benefit from taking just a few minutes every day to slow your thoughts and still your mind. With practice, you’ll be able to meditate deeply and easily to strengthen your spiritual side.

Experiment with this now! Through a combination of physical, mental, and emotional NLP techniques, you can reach balanced states and true clarity of mind. Breathing is the key to balance.

Experiment now

This quick exercise will help you focus on breathing and understand how it affects you.

Right now, stop what you’re doing and pay attention to your breathing. Is it fast and shallow? Are you expending a lot of effort to breathe? Focus your thoughts inside and then consciously slow down your breathing. Then place your tongue to the roof of your mouth and apply a gentle pressure and you will become aware of your thoughts slowing down and a feeling of calm begins to be generated. Notice what is happening in your body—the areas of tension and stress should begin to relax, allowing you to feel comfortable and attain improved thought clarity.

Practicing this easy technique brings mindfulness and can be enhanced with short exercises that engage and create balance in your mind and body.

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