Many people view life as a fast flowing river or stream and in that way we have choice as to how we engage. We can try to stand still and eventually we will get swept off our feet and plunged into chaos; we can fight against the current and try to dodge all the flotsam and jetsam that comes along, or we can learn to go with this stream of livingness, learn to navigate, and ultimately use the power available to take us where we choose to go.

By understanding the streams that make up you and so your life then you will become a successful navigator.

LifeStream 1 Psychological

Your mindset has a powerful effect on your results, in everything you do. You’ve probably noticed that when you approach tasks, challenges, or situations with negative emotions, you’re far less likely to accomplish your goals—which, in turn, produces more negative emotions.

One of the primary purposes of the NLP Practitioner is to deliver the tools and techniques so you can change your emotional responses easily. You might have already tried this on some levels and maybe you’ve noticed that it still seems like you can’t help feeling worried, afraid, or less than confident in certain situations. With the techniques you learn when you become an NLP Practitioner you will be able to create shifts in the way your psychological stream flows. You can become more connected and integrated as a result of the way we help your conscious and unconscious mind develop a deeper working rapport. Developing your inner communication will yield massive benefits in reducing stress, feeling empowered, and becoming much more resilient (a fundamental capability these days). The Evolution NLP methodology helps you develop a dialogue with your unconscious, so you can take conscious control of your mind and direction in the world.

Achieve more life balance

When you achieve more life balance you’ll be more easily able to identify your personal triggers for unwanted responses both at work and at home. The tools you will have to change those responses will enable you to be resourceful and develop the ability to be reflective on a moment by moment basis. This allows you to catch those chances to grow and ultimately create feelings that bring about stability and happiness. You’ll also learn techniques that will help you change your behaviour in difficult situations, so you can be at your best, no matter what’s going on around you.

This is just the first stream you can impact imagine just how good life could be when you have the tools and techniques for the other 6 LifeStreams. In my next blog we will examine the physical stream and some of the things NLP can help with there.

Experiment now! At any given moment, most of us are experiencing a lot of mental chatter. It’s hard to quiet all the thoughts racing through your head, because we tend to think about a lot of things all at once—which makes it difficult to truly concentrate. Want to quiet that mental chatter quickly, so you can focus? Try pushing your tongue against the roof of your mouth and notice how your racing thoughts begin to subside. You can use this easy trick any time you need to concentrate—and the more often you practice, the faster it will happen.

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Roger Terry

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