How to remove the stress from your life and take charge of your mind

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Unconscious Triggers Most people respond unconsciously to trigger behaviours from others. Think of the last time a partner, parent or sibling criticised you. Did you take a deep breath and respond calmly? Or did you feel stress and REACT immediately before you had a chance to think? If you reacted, it's likely because of a [...]

Move from Problem Thinking to Outcome Focus

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If you want to communicate with confidence and leadership, develop a habit of being outcome focused. Often, people focus on what they hope won’t happen instead of what they want to have happen. But the unconscious mind cannot process negative thoughts. As a leader, the more you concentrate on what you don’t want with your [...]

Awaken Your Spirit

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LifeStream 6: Spiritual In a story which some of our NLP students have heard, G. Bluestone tells of an ancient carp that lives in 'Mirror Lake', and when questioned about life in the lake by his grandchildren he says: 'True knowledge is to know the wholeness of the lake rather than the merely the things [...]

Creating meaningful relationships with NLP

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LifeStream 5 Relational How many relationships have you created? Relationships are central to the human experience. Over the course of a lifetime, you’ll develop relationships with more people than you realise—your family and friends, casual acquaintances, co-workers and supervisors, business customers, your children’s friends and teachers, even strangers you interact with on the street, in [...]

Curiosity keeps us in the flow

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LifeStream 4 Educational Curiosity is the desire for knowledge that motivates individuals to learn new ideas, eliminate information-gaps, and solve intellectual problems (Berlyne, 1954; Loewenstein,1994). Berlyne described curiosity as a uniquely human ‘drive to know' that motivates inquisitiveness and experimentation, and that underlies intellectual development achievement (Berlyne, 1966, 1971). They suggest that these tendencies are [...]

Getting The Flow Going

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LifeStream 3 Financial Who couldn’t use more money? It goes without saying that you want to improve your financial situation and it’s not as easy as setting your mind up to increase your cash flow—or is it? You may be surprised to discover how quickly you can improve your finances with NLP. Most of us [...]

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Going with the flow

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LifeStream 2 Physical Do you mistreat your body? If we want to go with the flow in the stream of life how we treat out most valuable asset - our body - is crucial. Our body is often the part of us we mistreat the most, somewhere inside us we have a physical self image [...]

Stepping into the stream of life

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Many people view life as a fast flowing river or stream and in that way we have choice as to how we engage. We can try to stand still and eventually we will get swept off our feet and plunged into chaos; we can fight against the current and try to dodge all the flotsam [...]

Using NLP for Weight Loss

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Here is the first of 3 articles being published in Rapport magazine in 2014: Gym owners around the globe rub their hands with glee on New Year’s Day as memberships soar. Nervously we get shown around our local gym, uncomfortable as our clothes are even tighter after the festivities, trying to look inconspicuous amongst the [...]

How to tame the mind with the power of hypnosis

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Can I hypnotise myself? I am often asked 'Can I hypnotise myself?' and of course the answer is 'Yes' and it works very well for many things such as relaxation, goals, and taming the mind. What is useful is to have a recipe and guidelines so you can get the best results. There are many [...]