Stop being your own worst enemy!

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How many times have you heard something like this either from a friend, a partner or from your own internal critic.  When we grew up, we created an internal map of our perceived reality. The prime function of this map was to help us feel safe. This map was made by interactions in whatever version [...]

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Understanding and working with your values

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working with values from Roger Terry on Vimeo.

5 way to use the language of influence

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Move from Problem Thinking to Outcome Focus

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If you want to communicate with confidence, develop a habit of being outcome focused. Often, people focus on what they hope won’t happen instead of what they want to have happen. But the unconscious mind cannot process negative thoughts. The more you concentrate on what you don’t want, the more you'll  get what you so [...]

LifeStream 3 Getting The Flow Going

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LifeStream 3 Financial Who couldn’t use more money? It goes without saying that you want to improve your financial situation and it’s not as easy as setting your mind up to increase your cash flow—or is it? You may be surprised to discover how quickly you can improve your finances with NLP. Most of us [...]

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LifeStream 1 Stepping into the stream of life

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Many people view life as a fast flowing river or stream and in that way we have choice as to how we engage. We can try to stand still and eventually we will get swept off our feet and plunged into chaos; we can fight against the current and try to dodge all the flotsam [...]

How to tame the mind with the power of hypnosis

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Can I hypnotise myself? I am often asked 'Can I hypnotise myself?' and of course the answer is 'Yes' and it works very well for many things such as relaxation, goals, and taming the mind. What is useful is to have a recipe and guidelines so you can get the best results. There are many [...]

Get your Networking Working

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Unsure how to engage new people in conversation? If you’re unsure how to engage with new people in conversation remember - ‘people love to talk about themselves’. But what should you ask them? “What do you do?” is so hackneyed it’s hardly worth asking, unless you add “that really makes a difference” or “that you [...]

3 Ways NLP Can Help You Focus on What You Really Want

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Modern life is full of distractions. No matter how much you want to reach a goal there will always be things to pull your attention away from it. However, to be successful you must be able to focus on what you really want. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an excellent way to do that. One way [...]

Win a Free 4 day NLP Foundation Course

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Win one of two places on the NLP Foundation course taking place on 28-31 August. To enter just complete the 4 question survey below to help our marketing and design. The draw will be on 22nd August and there are runner up prizes too! It's completely free so get your entry in now. [...]