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Do you mistreat your body?

If we want to go with the flow in the stream of life how we treat out most valuable asset – our body – is crucial. Our body is often the part of us we mistreat the most, somewhere inside us we have a physical self image that is perfect for who we are. Yet as we are bombarded by the perfect images of males and females in the media which we try to aspire to or despair at ever becoming we lose touch with our own image. We begin to behave as if our body is separate from our conscious mind, and that first step leads to us no longer appreciating just what a fantastic thing it is. Then we blame, criticise, and punish our bodies for not being how we want them to be. Here are a few questions to open things up…

  • What would it take to be friends with your body?
  • What would it take to be grateful for your body and all it does?
  • What would it take to discover the self image that is right for you?

Stream 2: Physical

What would it be like to happy and confident with your physical self-image? Very few people are and making physical changes—whether it’s losing weight, toning up, or improving your performance or sports achievements, and it’s one of the most challenging tasks we face. Even those who work hard at a physical goal seem to reach a plateau where further improvement is apparently impossible. The techniques and strategies of neuro-linguistic programming can help you get past those barriers, by creating powerful visualisations that can make dramatic changes to your self-image and deliver the motivation you need to break through. With these powerful solutions, you can actually start to see results where you’ve been stagnating in the past. You’ll be able to break unhealthy habits like overeating, addiction to sweets, smoking, and excessive drinking. You can stop making excuses to get to the gym, walk, and cycle, and find the motivation you need to stick to an exercise program. If you’re into sports, you can realise performance improvements you never thought possible. NLP allows you to move past the limitations that are holding you back and enjoy real achievement in transforming your physical self. Out of all the things that impact our everyday life our relationship with our body is pivotal.

  • If you don’t like your car you can change it.
  • If you don’t like your house you can move
  • If you don’t like your job you can find another

However you only ever have one body, The importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin is fundamental to finding enjoyment in life itself.

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Emily Terry

Mangaging director at Evolution Training
Emily Terry is Managing Director of Evolution Training and an international NLP Trainer, consultant and freedom coach. She specialises in helping people grow beyond their current limitations. Using a unique mix of NLP and her own interpretation of ancient healing arts Emily guides her clients through their transformational journey. Working especially around women’s development she aims to set her clients free from the bonds that hold them back in life. Over the last 3 years Emily has devoted herself to designing a ground-breaking weight loss and control programme (New Silhouette) that does away with yo yo dieting and resets the body’s food to energy conversion system so that once the weight is lost it doesn’t come back.

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