Have you ever wondered what it would be like to improve your mood, communication with others, and your attitude in general? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) focuses on personal growth. Let’s break down the term itself:















Neuro – the interaction of the body and mind

Linguistic – the use of language as it pertains to behaviours and thought processes

So, Neuro-Linguistic Programming simply means programming the natural processes of the body and mind such as language and behaviour in a way that yields personal growth.

Evolution Training is a company that provides NLP training for both businesses and individuals. They specialise in the NLP certification of 1) people who are looking to become NLP practitioners, NLP coaches and Master Practitioners and 2) individuals who are simply interested in personal growth.

Coaching sessions are available for individuals who want to improve their lives through personal development. The coaching sessions are focused on:

  • Achieving your full potential
  • Creating lasting and happy relationships
  • Weight management consultant
  • Performance issues
  • Management coach
  • Leadership skills

For practitioners or coaches who are looking to fine-tune their skills, Evolution Training offers a new three day ANLP accredited NLP LifeStream Coach. For more information, visit the course page.

So, if your aim is personal growth, improvement and progression, Evolution Training can help you.

For more information on how learning NLP can dramatically improve your life, professional pursuits and relationships, read our groundbreaking FREE ebook, “Resourceful Living: How NLP Can Improve Your Seven Life Streams“.

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Roger Terry

Director of Training and Coaching at Evolution Training Ltd
Roger Terry is one of the world’s leading experts on applying NLP to drive excellence both professionally and personally. Roger leads seminars and consults with companies all over the world, including in the UK, USA, Europe and Middle East. He is the author of several books, including The Hidden Art of Interviewing, NLP and Qualitative Research, NLP for Teachers and The NLP Toolkit.

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