The Importance of Self-Understanding

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The wise writer Jiddu Krishnamurti once wrote, “If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.”  The root of all change starts with self-understanding. If you don’t understand yourself, your efforts will be lost, and spent on things that are actually not under you [...]

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Self-Think 360

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Have you ever felt out of balance or like something is missing?  Perhaps you're frustrated, exhausted, or ashamed of the way things are going. Often, this arises when we are living out of alignment with our core values -- the things that mean the most to us. Our values form our self-perception.  One of our [...]

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3 More Ways to Reframe Using NLP

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Reframing is an important cognitive and neuro-linguistic exercise. Just like you can change the appearance and aesthetics of a picture by putting it in a new frame, you can change your perceptions by putting them in new thought-frames. Changing your perceptions is, of course, the first step in changing your life. How you think about [...]

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Reframe Negative Patterns

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All of us have negative thoughts and behaviours -- things we wish we didn't think or do. But stopping these patterns can be extremely difficult. Often, these patterns are so ingrained or we're so ashamed of them, we're not even sure why we do them in the first place. Fortunately, there is a powerful NLP [...]

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Why Play Is Important in the Workplace

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In the late 1990s Disney was in trouble. After the successes of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King, its movies began to decline. Films like Treasure Planet and Atlantis were box office flops.  People began to talk about Disney losing its soul. Then Pixar animation joined the team and [...]

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Unlock Your Clients’ Desire to Play

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You may have clients who are so focused on daily tasks that they’ve completely lost the joy in life. One way to help them get grounded again in a positive, productive place is to help them unlock their desire to play. That's right: play isn't just for children. It's a way of being that successful [...]

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How the Stress Response Impacts Our Ability to Hear and Process

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We all know that stress has an immediate effect on our bodies. It raises our heart rate and can make us sweat more. Most of us are also aware of the negative effects of prolonged stress. For instance, stress produces cortisol, which in turn signals to our bodies to store more fat, making it difficult [...]

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Emotions vs. Facts

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Have you ever had a conversation that went really, really wrong? Tempers flared, emotions surged, and in the end both parties left with raw feelings and resentment. One powerful way to prevent this sort of thing from happening is to understand the difference between emotions and facts...including some facts about emotions, and how they often [...]

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Why Knowing Your Values Is So Important

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Knowing your values is a big deal. Whether in a business setting or just in your personal life, a lack of understanding regarding what matters to you can lead to confusion, frustration, and a general feeling of disconnect. How can you know what your values are? Try these tips: Daydream. Carve out some time where [...]

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Know Your Values

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Do you know what your values are? No, I'm not talking about moral values -- though morality and ethics are a part of what I mean.  Instead, I'm talking about those things that you hold as supremely important in your life.  They are what motivate us and help us find meaning. Values are generally intangible [...]

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