What Is a Phobia?

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Colloquially speaking, a phobia is something you are deeply afraid of. People often invoke phobias when they see spiders, are forced into small space, or have to speak in public. But phobias are much more than that. They are life-stopping and frequently life-altering for those that suffer from them. According to the DSM V, the [...]

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Use NLP to Cure a Phobia

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Many people struggle with phobias -- a strong, irrational fear that creates friction and struggle, and in serious cases, may even severely impede a person's quality of life.  There are hundreds of phobias, from fear of spiders to fear of social interactions. In this post we’ll show you how you can use NLP to cure [...]

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3 Easy Ways to Use NLP When You Coach Your Clients

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful system of communication and personal development. As a coach, NLP techniques can help you be more effective at reaching positive outcomes for your clients. Thomas Edison, one of America’s earliest and most innovative business leaders, said it this way, “The brain can be developed just the same as the [...]

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Ask Better Questions to Improve Your Coaching Results

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Have you ever been in a coaching situation and realised that something you said could have been received a little better? Most of us who are coaches have had this happen more than once. There's an excellent solution: ask better questions! Good questioning is at the heart of good leadership.  They promote thought, learning, self-discovery, [...]

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3 Ways to Improve Your Body Language

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Body language is the most critical aspect of communication. If you want to be an effective leader you must master it.  What can you do to improve your body language? Try these tips: Echoing. This is sometimes referred to as the Matching and Mirroring Technique. Take note of the body language of the person sitting [...]

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What Your Posture Says to Others

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Have you ever considered what your body language is saying to others around you? It turns out that your posture reveals more than you might expect to others! Resourceful posture is being aware of what you are communicating with your posture making sure you're sending the right message. When both body and mind are working [...]

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Behind Every Behavior Is a Positive Intention

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One of the things we see most often in our work is how often individuals underestimate the power of their thinking—both conscious and subconscious. They often assume that the most powerful part of their lives is what they do, but every action starts with a thought, and every thought starts with an intention. To truly [...]

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Reinforce Positive Behaviour

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All too often we find ourselves reinforcing negative behaviour instead of positive. Think about it! Do you get more upset with your children when they act out or do you tell them how amazing they are when they’re using their manners? Most of us are conditioned to respond to negative stimuli and ignore positive stimuli.  [...]

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How Hypnosis Can Help Silence Negative Self-Talk

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Most of us have negative voices in our heads. In fact, researchers now believe that about 75% of most people’s self-talk is negative. That means that three quarters of all your internal chatter is defeatist, negative, and emotionally corrosive. Unfortunately, most of our negative self-talk is subliminal. It is so ingrained in us that we [...]

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Reduce Negative Mental Chatter

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Do you struggle with negative mental chatter that is, at times, almost debilitating? Do you often feel like you can’t get a clear thought through all the noise? In this post, we’ll show you a few simple steps to help you reduce negative mental chatter and unleash a better overall mental state. Identify the Thoughts [...]

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