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Roger Terry is one of the world’s leading experts on applying NLP to drive excellence both professionally and personally. Roger leads seminars and consults with companies all over the world, including in the UK, USA, Europe and Middle East. He is the author of several books, including The Hidden Art of Interviewing, NLP and Qualitative Research, NLP for Teachers and The NLP Toolkit.

Lifestream 7 Occupational

By |2021-02-11T15:40:41+00:00November 17th, 2017|NLP, Personal Evolution|

Stream 7: Occupational For many people, a successful career is a crucial ingredient to a happy, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us are unhappy at work—whether that is due to our co-workers, our supervisors, an unsatisfactory salary or the inability to move ahead in a career. Neuro-linguistic programming gives you the [...]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Relationships

By |2021-11-09T16:16:49+00:00May 21st, 2017|Personal Evolution, Relationships|

The Five Ways To Improve Relationships There are five things you can do right away to change the way you behave in relationships. Stop trying to read minds Most relationship problems and associated social anxieties start with bad communication, which in turn leads to attempted mind reading. Mind reading occurs when two people assume [...]

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Learn to say NO!

By |2021-02-11T15:40:45+00:00November 21st, 2016|Brilliant Communication, Personal Evolution|

Why is it so difficult? So many of us find it a challenge to say NO. Even when we know in our hearts that we are going to make life difficult for ourselves we still say YES or OK. What is going on inside when we say YES? That feeling of being under pressure with [...]

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How to remove the stress from your life and take charge of your mind

By |2021-02-11T15:40:45+00:00November 16th, 2016|Buisness, Coaches' Corner, NLP, NLP Toolkit|

Unconscious Triggers Most people respond unconsciously to trigger behaviours from others. Think of the last time a partner, parent or sibling criticised you. Did you take a deep breath and respond calmly? Or did you feel stress and REACT immediately before you had a chance to think? If you reacted, it's likely because of a [...]

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Move from Problem Thinking to Outcome Focus

By |2021-11-09T16:48:42+00:00October 12th, 2016|Coaches' Corner, NLP Toolkit, Personal Evolution, Uncategorized|

If you want to communicate with confidence, develop a habit of being outcome focused. Often, people focus on what they hope won’t happen instead of what they want to have happen. But the unconscious mind cannot process negative thoughts. The more you concentrate on what you don’t want, the more you'll  get what you so [...]

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LifeStream 6 Awaken Your Spirit

By |2021-02-11T15:40:46+00:00August 7th, 2014|NLP|

LifeStream 6: Spiritual In a story which some of our NLP students have heard, G. Bluestone tells of an ancient carp that lives in 'Mirror Lake', and when questioned about life in the lake by his grandchildren he says: 'True knowledge is to know the wholeness of the lake rather than the merely the things [...]

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